What is My MS Woof?

My MS Woof is the MS Society’s October dog walking challenge. We’re asking you, our paw-some supporters to walk, roll or stroll with your pooches to help stop MS. 

We’d love for you to walk a total of 130 kilometers throughout October to represent the 130,000 people living with MS in the UK. However, you can choose any distance that suits you for your challenge. Whatever distance you and your dog can do, you’ll be raising life-changing funds to help stop MS. 

How your money helps


will pay for the processing of one blood sample. One blood sample can give researchers crucial information which could lead to new treatments or breakthroughs in understanding what causes MS.


is enough to operate a high powered microscope for an hour to study cells and tissue affected by MS at the necessary resolution.


is enough to process 4 blood samples and extract information about genes and the immune system that is vital when testing out new treatments.